Chairman          Cllr H Roberts               Tel:  768575                                     

Vice-Chairman   Cllr Mrs J Green             Tel:  767014                                                   

Parish Clerk      Mrs H. Trustam              Tel:  743598                 


The following Councillors have been elected to serve on the following:


Planning & Environment Committee:  Cllrs H. Roberts, J. Green, B. Chandi, S. Lonsdale, C. Banks, C. Martin & G. Spriggs                                                                                        

Finance & General Purposes Committee :  Cllrs H. Roberts, J. Green, C. Yates, R. Morris,  P. Neale & T. Hyde                                                            

Allotment Committee:  Cllrs H. Roberts, J. Green, P. Neale & C. Banks.


Advisory/Steering Committees/Working Groups:

Cemetery:  Cllrs B. Chandi, Mrs J Green,  P. Neale, G. Spriggs.  Mr. M. Petty & Miss E. Johnstone were co-opted as a non-council advisory members

New Community Building:  Cllrs R. Morris, P. Neale, B. Chandi.

Neighbourhood Plan: Cllrs C. Banks, H. Roberts  J. Green, S. Lonsdale, C. Yates & Ward Cllr R. Morris 

Marston In Bloom:  Cllrs R. Morris, P. Neale & C. Martin


Representatives on Outside Bodies:

Marston Vale Community Liaison:  Cllrs S. Lonsdale & P. Neale (temp)             

Marston Village Hall Committee:  Cllr J. Green                                                

Marston Playing Field Committee:  Cllr  G. Spriggs                                                        

Community Safety Group:  Cllr C. Banks & Cllr T. Hyde                                                                  

Bedfordshire Councils Planning Consortium:  Cllrs H. Roberts & C. Martin                                                                                                              

Cllr H. Roberts was elected to be the Parish Council’s Planning Spokesperson when representation is required at Development Control Committee meetings at Central Bedfordshire Council